Witchcraft, Satanism, and the Occult in the US Government


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Part 1 of a seemingly endless series of investigations into crimes, corruption, and the subversion of democracy in America’s national security establishment.

An Introduction to Samhain the Psychic, a real-life spook

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Charles H. Sulka

Witchcraft, Satanism, and the occult — and similarly degenerate practices comprising the so-called ‘New Age Movement’ — are growing in popularity, having gained a widespread acceptance in American society over the past half century. Business, schools, the media, and even the traditional churches have been effectively subverted by occult heresies and New Age concepts and practices. Witchcraft and the occult under the guise of the New Age Movement have also permeated the American government — especially the security services. Misguided people and their New Age practices are playing a central role in the collapse of American society, leading this nation to destruction.

To conceal the dangerous spiritual aspects of the New Age Movement and the occult — the ‘hidden dangers of the rainbow’ so to speak — what might best be described as the ‘anti-Church’ in the world has been whitewashed and repackaged as ‘psychology’ (humanism, secular humanism, the human potential movement.) (1) This is a deliberate (and quite effective) obfuscation of the truth. Author Marilyn Ferguson calls this quasi-religious movement the ‘Aquarian Conspiracy.’ The movement is a loose-knit affiliation of occultists, witches, Satanists, spiritualists, New Agers, feminists, child molesters, sexual deviants, Scientologists, Masons, Mormons, and Moonies … all linked together with implant transmitters (tooth radios) and satellite communications networks.

Caballistic Jews appear to be the brains behind the operation to unseat the Christian faith and replace it with the religion of the Self, the underlying basis for all New Age doctrines and religious practices. Many New Age figures claim to be in communication with the dead, disembodied spirits, and/or aliens, either telepathically, or through their tooth radios. The lies and nonsense they regurgitate are definitely not of human (or Godly) origin. Many New Agers admit to being guided by Satan in the guise of Lucifer, the light-bearer. The FreeMasons in particular are noteworthy in this respect. Others claim to be receiving telepathic (or radio) transmission directly from aliens in orbit around earth. Prominent among them being stage performer, mentalist, and psycho-kinetic con-artist, Uri Geller, a high-paid consultant to corporate America, the CIA, and the Pentagon.

There is actually nothing new here; the New Age movement is of ancient origins: the Jewish Cabala, mysticism, paganism, and the occult, along with Eastern religious practices and philosophies such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, yoga, and transcendental meditation. But as author Constance Cumbey explains, there is a political dimension to the New Age movement that points to a hidden danger: totalitarianism and one-world government. The authoritarian aspect of the New Age movement harkens back to the Nazis, with their calls for a new world order. (2)

In truth, there is more going on here than meets the eye. The hidden political program cleverly concealed in the Aquarian Conspiracy is actually a plan for world domination by the Zionists. The New World Order announced by President Bush in an eerie televised speech actually has long been the dream of the New Agers and the elites who control America’s political machinery. And it has always been the goal of the Zionists, who feel it is their rightful place to lord it over the other peoples of the world, who they regard as lesser races. It is an ambitious plan for world domination through finance (economic parasitism, at which they excel), centralization (one world government), syncretism (one world religion), and perpetual war against … well, just about everyone else. Intelligent parasites tend to make a lot of enemies — especially intelligent parasites who are disdainful of the human race and the Creator … and who do not bother to conceal their disdain.

Thus the Jews’ need for a safe haven, Israel. The Jews are not stupid, and though they vociferously deny Jesus, inwardly they know He was, and is, their nemesis. They know their time is limited. The biggest obstacle to the Jews’ plans for world domination is of course the Christian church. Thus the New Age, or anti-church, has as its central mission to replace the Christian church’s family and community values and religious truth with a syncretistic one world religion — a religion that would facilitate the enslavement of the human race to ‘demons’ (alien mind parasites.) In the New Age religion, there is no one true faith: all spiritual pursuits lead to heaven (or at least reincarnation.) Even greater rewards await the truly adventurous spiritual seeker: men can even become gods! In the New Age Movement, anything goes … so long as it is not traditional Christian doctrine.

As a strategic measure — just in case there really is a Second Coming — the Zionists have come up with a scheme to blow Jesus out of the sky with a doomsday machine of lasers, particle beam weapons, and missiles. They have even assembled an arsenal of atomic weapons — weapons which will be of immense value to Israel in bullying and subjugating the nations of the world and in false-flag operations that will lead to devastation of large swaths of the earth. What other use would Israel have for nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons are of little use in Israel’s conflicts with its neighbors, and won’t be of much practical use at the Second Coming. This defense system is ostensibly to protect Israel from the neighboring tribes (mostly Semites) who would smite the Jews (also Semites) at the first opportunity. Interminable internecine warfare is endemic to Semites, all of whom have the ‘world domination gene’ and have embraced a ‘God-is-our-protector’ mythology. Semites murder for the greater glory of God. The Zionists’ ‘Iron Dome’ defense is actually a fairly clever, if desperate, attempt to forestall Fate.

If Uri Geller is to be believed, the chosen people and their New Age fellow travelers are being directed in their program to enslave the human race by the ‘ascended masters’ who are really aliens in space. While it all sounds preposterous, that, too, is part of the plan; no one will take the threat seriously … until it is too late.

It goes without saying that the Zionists’ defensive measures could be directed against any attackers, including off-world attackers. It is reasonable to assume that a race of intelligent parasites — mind parasites, if you will — will have enemies throughout the galaxy who might show up at any time to deal with the renascent threat, to rain down fire and brimstone and the wrath of God. It has happened before, and it will no doubt happen again. It is truly ironic that Israel’s anti-Christ missile system, their ‘Iron Dome’ defense, is being paid for by the United States of America, a nation with a large number of people who think of themselves as Christians. In reality, America is a nation completely in thrall to the forces of evil. The mind parasites appear to be in total control of this nation.

In looking over Samhain the Psychic’s web site, what impressed me most was not her (obviously bullshit) claims to super powers (99.35% accuracy on mind-reading and clairvoyance), but rather the long list of government agencies which she lists as her clients. CIA, NSA, FBI, Interpol…. This definitely deserves a closer look. I know for a fact that the government agencies have long been involved in mind-control, hypnosis, drugs, witchcraft, and the occult. (And blackmail, extortion, and murder. There are even credible reports of ritual sexual abuse of children, especially among the members of the security services connected with the Catholic clergy and the Scientology cult.)

Reportedly, such activities even involve those at the highest levels of government. There are a number of examples of the deplorable state of morals and ethics in government. A homosexual prostitute claims in a videotaped confession to have traded sexual favors for cocaine from America’s current president (while Obama was a public official but before he was elected to the presidency.) If this is true, it could explain Obama’s renouncing his promise of a responsible, accountable, transparent government, instead giving the nation the most repressive government in history, expanding upon the failed policies and unConstitutional actions of the Clinton and Bush administrations. The reality has been Obama groveling at the feet of the fascists in the national security establishment while selling out to the neocons advocating the corporatist New World Order. It makes sense in a way: blackmail has always been the CIA’s stock in trade, along with behind-the-scenes manipulation and violent ‘regime change’ at the behest of the foreigners who dictate U.S. government policies (Israel and its supporters, American Zionists.)

America’s leaders seem to be competing for the dubious honor of ‘sleaziest politician in America.’ The Democrat’s presidential candidate, Hillary Cliinton, along with her husband, disgraced former president Bill Clinton, is described in the press as running the biggest criminal conspiracy in American history under the guise of the Clinton Foundation. In addition, both Clintons have been named as having been participants in wanton sexual activities prominently featuring pedophilia. The former White House Chief of Staff and Clinton campaign manager is named in one pedophile ring (thank God for Wikileaks for exposing this.) A convicted pedophile and trafficker in underage girls — a close personal friend of the Republican president-elect, Donald Trump, by the way — is named as the organizer of another pedophile ring. There are reports, supported by evidence and witness testimony, that both Clintons joined the man on the ‘Lolita Express’ (the millionaire pedophile’s private plane) to participate in orgies at his private island in the Caribbean. According to witnesses, these parties were replete with underage girls and victims of human trafficking — sex slaves. (Not to be confused with ‘Illuminati’ sex slaves; these victims of exploitation and human trafficking were all too real.)

But it gets worse. The Republican presidential candidate (now the president-elect) has been accused of participating in similar parties with underage girls at the home of his friend, a New York Jew with a predilection for sex with young girls (as publicly admitted by Trump in a videotaped interview.) There is ample evidence, including the candidate’s own pronouncements on the subject and the testimony of the underage girl victims, to show that Donald Trump sexually abused minors at the parties hosted by his friend, a convicted sex offender, probably the most unsavory character in America, next to a certain Jewish politician whose ‘male image’ has been plastered all over the internet. It is difficult to imagine how America’s morals and ethics could go any lower. In the 2016 presidential campaign, both mainstream parties’ candidates are known to have joined a notorious pedophile (convicted and imprisoned for recruiting underage girls for purposes of prostitution) in the sexual exploitation of teen-aged girls.

And these people are going to lead the nation, to restore America’s greatness?

America’s security services have apparently also come under the control of dark forces. The occult infiltration of the security services poses what could be the greatest threat this nation has ever faced, from within or without. Because the whole operation is being guided by demonic powers, man is at a distinct disadvantage here. Mankind has no chance of surviving this assault by vastly superior forces possessed of superhuman intelligences (‘demons’, or some might call them ‘aliens’.) On his own, man would be doomed.

Fortunately man is not alone in the universe. God is on man’s side. If only America would come to its senses …. America’s only hope is a Christian revival, with this nation repudiating its widespread immorality and greed, globalist capitalist ambitions, militarism, and the scandal of neoconservative economics and Washington’s plan for world domination under the guise of the neocons’ corporatist New World Order. Instead, America needs to embrace scriptural values and Biblical economics … and not least, Christian morals and ethics. America has to reject the lies of Satan. America has to reject the so-called New Age Movement and embrace traditional Christian values. America has to reject the politicians’ lies and the plans to enslave the human race under the guise of the New World Order.

Ridding the nation of the child molesters, murderers, druggies, whores, witches, wizards, astrologers, false prophets, TV preachers, sham faith healers and other snake oil salesmen is a crucially important first step to putting America back on the right track. Exposing the evil behind the veil of official secrecy is the only way to go about ridding the security services of the ‘bad element’ that is causing so much trouble. It is a necessary first step. This investigation is a preliminary to this campaign to rid the security services of the demons and deviants, fascists and flakes.

The subject of this investigation has taken the stage name SAMAIN the PSYCHIC. (‘Samhain’ is a witches’ holiday. The woman’s choice of this term as a business name is puzzling.) Her web site biography lists several college degrees, including a Ph.D., undergraduate degrees in psychology, humanism, and anthropology, and a whole slew of New Age training courses, degrees, awards, etc. On her web site this witch boasts of being Illuminati, Templar, Mason, and Pagan. While she undoubtedly is a pagan, it is doubtful that there is any truth to her claim to being a member of the Knights Templar or the FreeMasons, as these fraternal orders do not accept women. So far as I am aware, the only female Illuminati are the Illuminati sex slaves widely reported on the internet (and from what I have heard of the training of their sex slaves, it does not sound like this woman is Illuminati-trained.) This woman claims to excel at every imaginable New Age doctrine and practice — and this means EVERY New Age practice, including sex therapies, role playing, and BDSM. Anything goes … well, almost anything, anyway. The ‘Disclaimer’ (under ‘Terms’) on her web site makes it clear she does not do anal (although perhaps if you asked her nicely, or promised her a big tip ….) Sexual healing sessions are billed with a two-hour minimum charge, even if ‘nirvana’ is achieved in only minutes. (It happens to all of us.) No refunds! Payment can be cash, Paypal, and of course credit cards are joyfully accepted. On her web site Samhain the Psychic emphasizes that she is not a prostitute, that these are religious and spiritual exercises. Even spooks need love.

Religious and spiritual exercises? At least her customers are consenting adults. Paying, consenting adults, of course. Nothing on this businesswoman’s list of services is free. Much of it does sound a lot like the sort of thing some of the national security types I have encountered would be interested in. One women in the IC (intelligence community) living on the west coast (where else?) actually sent her 14-year old son, Kyle, to the Caribbean in the company of pedophiles, so that the boy could be initiated into homosexual acts. I am saddened to report that the boy told me that he enjoyed the experience, which will probably shape his sexual identity for life — another vulnerable youngster without proper parental guidance recruited into the shadowy world of perverts and spies. This is the reality of Illuminati indoctrination.

Samhain the Psychic’s education and training appear to be totally bogus. Her Ph.D. is from an internet degree mill, one of twenty or so ‘universities’ operated out of a shady businessman’s apartment in Pakistan, with its diplomas and degree certificates being mailed from the Middle East. There is no actual university or teachers and there are no actual courses. In different places on the internet she claims to have three C.W.S. degrees from University of Akron (Ohio.) The University of Akron does not offer a “C.W.S” degree program (in any field); it is not clear that such a designation for an academic degree even exists. Her claim that she has been tested and certified as having the extraordinary psychic abilities listed on her web site are of course BS and not worth the time to investigate. Besides, how would one investigate the bogus claims of occultists?

I confess I was hoping *something* about this woman would prove to be credible so I might learn of new developments in the world of the occult … but that is obviously not the case here. She is a fraud and a flake. In this regard, at least, she fits the pattern of those connected to the world wide tooth radio network of perverts and spies. Maybe she really does work for the CIA, NSA, FBI and the Pentagon.

Mentalists, psychics, and other con artists frequently claim to do work for the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA, FBI, (and now Interpol), as well as state and local law enforcement. Some of these claims might even be true. (Some of these claims most definitely ARE true; the NSA’s declassified list of over 100 such operations where psychics and occultists were employed by US government agencies or the military offers a window into the shadowy world of spooks and hints at massive waste, fraud, and abuse — not to mention rampant stupidity — on the part of America’s military and intelligence personnel as well as the nation’s political leaders.) (3) For self-promotional purposes, claims to be part of secret projects for the intelligence agencies are the perfect ruse, because the individuals can claim that they are bound to secrecy or that their work is classified, bolstering their professional image while adding to the mystique, and all without revealing anything to enquirers. To throw off those who persist in trying to ferret out credible references, witches, astrologers and fortune-tellers frequently resort to claims of concern about client privacy, or claim religious confidentiality. Let’s face it, most clients of astrologers and fortune-tellers are ashamed of their gullibility and would not want their involvement with psychics to be known. The closest an investigator will ever come to confirming a lying psychic’s references might be cross-posting (references to other publicity-seeking psychics and fortune-tellers,) or referrals to journalists who frequently lack the good sense to lie about their association with people of such dubious character. In general, however, such dissembling is usually unnecessary. People who would hire a psychic to discern their fate, yet cannot discern the obvious falsehoods on the practitioner’s resume, are not likely to be concerned with verifiable truth. The fortune-teller’s clients generally prefer fantasy to reality anyway. It would be hard to say who are the bigger flakes — the palm readers and astrologers, or their clients.

Government agencies will, of course, deny their involvement in the occult, lest the American people discover what is going on behind the veil of official secrecy, and start asking questions. A few Americans, at least, still believe in God and take the warnings about astrology, spiritism, necromancy, witchcraft, and fortune-tellers seriously. Even non-believers would be justifiably outraged to learn of the government secretly wasting taxpayers’ money on witchcraft and the occult. Look at the millions of dollars wasted on the U.S. Army’s Star Gate Remote Viewing program. Samhain the Psychic boasts of a high degree of accuracy (more than 70% accuracy according to her web site) in Remote Viewing, the subject of the military’s discredited Star Gate program. In its many years of operation, at a cost of millions of dollars, the Star Gate program achieved a documented success rate of ZERO. All they needed to have done, apparently, was to hire Samhain the Psychic and they might have achieved spectacular results.

The Pentagon and the CIA’s involvement in the occult has been widely reported, although the government tries its best to keep its dabbling in the occult out of the papers. Scandals such as reports of Satanic rites being conducted in the bowels of the Pentagon, for example, are to be avoided at all costs. Hitler and the Nazis were heavily involved in the occult, too, in programs initially led by Jewish cabalists. (The operative word here is ‘initially.’ Nazis tend not to like getting their spiritual enlightenment from Jews; there is an inherent conflict between a self-appointed Master Race and a self-anointed Chosen People. The arrangement was short-lived, as might be expected.)

The danger from government involvement in the occult is only too real. While it is rumored that any number of high government officials consult with New Age practitioners, it is a documented fact that psychics and astrologers have counciled a sitting president, Ronald Reagan (if primarily through his wife.) It is a distinct possibility that the Reagans’ involvement in the New Age and the occult was the inspiration for the ‘voodoo economics’ that has undermined the American economy and brought so much suffering to the world. Neoconservative politics and economic policies are the epitome of evil (probably dreamt up by Satan while he was in a particularly foul mood, suffering from a painful hang-over after a night of debauchery and whoring with his witches.) Neoliberal economic policies have undermined the American economy and allowed the moneyed class to enrich themselves while simultaneously punishing the American workers for their presumptuousness. Imagine the workers’ thinking that they could get ahead through honest hard work and thrift … for believing in the American dream, in other words. Such heresies cannot be allowed to go unpunished! And the American people today are certainly feeling the wrath and contempt of their oppressors, the Reaganites.

The Reagans were never known to attend church in their adult lives, and regularly consulted with astrologers and psychics. They surrounded themselves with the false prophets of the airwaves, America’s TV preachers, men whose lies, ignorance, hypocrisy, and greed would put any self-promoting fortune-teller to shame. As the world disintegrates all around us and America’s economy crumbles, we see the disastrous end result of the economic and political policies of the neocons. The New Age and the occult have almost certainly played a major role in America’s decline.

I stumbled across Samhain the Psychic’s web site while looking into other occultists’ involvement in local politics — Penny Hofranning (sp?), a witch who ran for state Governor with the slogan “Witchcraft is basically benign” a few years back (actually, several decades ago.) This brought to mind an incident from around the same time. There was a story in the local newspaper (The Martinsburg Journal) about what was thought to be Satanic ritual mutilation of cows (technically, cattle.) According to the newspaper account, a herd of cattle in a farmer’s field were found dead, with their anuses surgically removed. The incident was investigated by Berkeley County Sheriff Preston Gooden. (I don’t know how, exactly, the Sheriff determined that the cow’s anuses had been ‘surgically’ removed. What I think this expression means is that the dead cows’ asses hadn’t been eaten out by wild animals, something likely to occur when cattle are killed by lightning strike.)

The crime went unsolved. Speculation was rampant that a local coven of witches was involved; others speculated that the national security mafia was involved, and (yet another) official cover-up had been orchestrated. (???) Rumors abound about the CIA’s infatuation — some would call it a fixation — with anuses (and not just cows’.) None of this surprises me in the least. Being an investigative journalist exposes one to the seedy underside of life.

Conclusion (for now, anyway):

Initial (email) contact and response. Proceeding with caution ….

If she really does work for Interpol, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Pentagon, she might actually have occult powers … and a direct line to the Prince of Darkness. She might cast a spell on me, or give me the evil eye, or even try the ol’ voodoo head spin on me. One can’t be too careful when dealing with voodoo and witchcraft. Or America’s national security mafia.


(1) “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow — The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism” by Constance Cumbey (Author) (Paperback – July, 1983)

(2) Ibid

(3) NSA … http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/remoteviewing/stargate/STARGATE%20%234%20176/Part0003/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700330002-7.TXT and

Astrologer Joan Quigley, adviser to the Reagans, makes a Satanic sign (The Sign of The Beast) which usually indicates a CIA tooth radio or implant and demonic control. This is an older article from my files.

Astrologer Joan Quigley and psychic Ruth Montgomery of The Washington Post (both deceased) were two of a number of occultists who boasted of advising high government officials, not only in the White House, but also in the CIA, the Pentagon, and the FBI.

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