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This video presentation should be rated ‘MUST WATCH’. I put it at the top of the list.

The world is well on the way to the prophetic end of the age, according to this well organized video presentation.

Significantly, the video acknowledges that while it would appear that these are the ‘end times’ spoken of in the Bible, with the tribulations to come (starting with worldwide economic collapse, social upheaval, and the persecution of Christians) the ‘end of the world’ per Bible prophecy might be better described as the ‘end of the age’ (and the beginning of a new aeon, or Christian era.) This implies that the time of Satan’s rule on earth is coming to an end and a new era of ‘governing in Christ’ is at hand. Ruling with Christ could be either figurative (guided by Christian principles and with the spirit of our Lord in our hearts) or literal (directed by Christ in person here on earth.) Either way works.

The video suggests that with Christ in authority (either figuratively or literally), man can learn to live in balance with nature and earth can be turned into a paradise. While many nominal Christians (Pentacostals and evangelists in particular) might argue with this, it is entirely in keeping with Scripture. There is absolutely no reason why mankind has to destroy his home planet, earth. Except … Satan is incessantly whispering in the ears of confused individuals who espouse twisted interpretations of the Bible and reject the call for responsible stewardship of God’s creation. Satan has all too many deluded fools believing that environmentalism is evil. (Respecting God’s creation and revitalizing the earth does not constitute ‘worship’ of nature, as some suggest. Besides, man is too busy worshipping mammon (material things, money, and power over others) to be distracted by the ‘idolatrous’ worship of nature.)

The video warns of the grave danger of the coming ‘one world religion’ and ‘New World Order’ (corporatist/socialist one world government.) Of particular importance is the warning against secret societies such as the FreeMasons. The FreeMasons are the anti-Church on earth and one-world Luciferian religion is their objective. The elites behind the New World Order (one world government) are exposed. The threat posed by the United Nations is clearly laid out (and it is worse than you ever imagined.)

No video encompassing so much controversial material can be without error. One error in the video is the dismissal of environmentalism as a bad thing. Responsible stewardship of God’s creation must be a top priority for Christians. Responsible stewardship of creation must be seen as central to Christian thinking. Another error in the video is the claim that only Jesus can forgive sins. This denies the importance of the Church in the work of salvation. Jesus gave the keys of salvation, including the power to forgive sins, to his apostles and by extension his Church (the exact details to be debated by theologians for the next thousand years.) Also, the concept of ‘social justice’ is disparaged … yet, the evil of worshipping mammon, serving two masters, one being the material world (money and power), while falsely claiming to be serving God … is clearly elucidated. Like so many devout and well-intentioned Christians, the producer rails against the evils of capitalism (crass materialism and exploitation) without considering meaningful alternatives. The only alternatives discussed — communism and socialism, what economists call ‘state capitalism’ — are themselves based on Godless materialism. If all the options are based on materialism and deny the centrality of God in man’s lives, then we must be missing something in our search for a political/economic model that incorporates Christian principles.

Obviously, this video covers a wide range of issues central to the faith, all of which are crucial to the future of the human race.

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