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Commentary by Charles Sulka

Vladimir Putin’s Rise To Power – Full Documentary [HD] (50:35)

YOUTUBE URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY3Uz4ELwM0


Published on Jun 19, 2016



This documentary on Russian president Vladamir Putin’s rise to power is very interesting. In this video it is alleged that the Russian intelligence & security services, with Putin in charge, pulled off a false-flag operation wherein high-rise apartment buildings were brought down by explosives planted by government security forces to create public hysteria and justification for a military assault on totally innocent peoples. This is almost exactly like America’s 9/11 false-flag operation. In both cases the end result was the same: a totally unjustified military assault on people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the crimes and the destruction of the buildings, major military operations with the resultant widespread death and destruction, and the launch of the national security state as a consequence. In both cases, the real terrorists were in fact operatives of their respective governments.

The crimes themselves are heinous and, as false-flag operations conducted by government officials, represent the total disintegration of the rule of law in the respective countries as well as a collapse of whatever ethics and morals both countries’ political leaders might have had. The similarities of the operations carried out on opposite sides of the globe suggest that there is an even larger question that needs to be addressed: who or what is behind this? What power, what force, what malevolent being or beings could dream up and then orchestrate such ruthless evil schemes? These unspeakable crimes seriously impact the lives of millions of innocent people, and change the course of world events.

The successful use of the same false-flag operation shows how vulnerable and how gullible we humans are. It also reveals a sad truth, that being that the biggest enemy the various people of the world face is their own government. Since the United States is the lone super-power, it could be said, then, that the US government poses the greatest danger to the world … and the danger is greatest right here at home. There *is* an even greater threat, of course … that being whoever is behind all this.

It would seem that the human race has already lost the war against …. (and this is what we need to figure out.)

This video looks to be a propaganda piece put out by America’s security services or the corporatists who control the American government. It is well known that America’s broadcast and film industries have functioned as propaganda outlets for the American government since forever, even before Reagan. But be that as it may, propaganda piece or not, some or even all of what is shown here could be true.

The use of similar tactics in the attacks on both Russia and the United States suggests that the same perpetrators were responsible for the planning of both false-flag operations. The major beneficiary in both cases would have to be Israel (insofar as Israel’s long-term military aspirations are concerned.) It is logical to assume both false-flag attacks were the work of Israel’s MOSSAD working with the KGB (now FSB) in Russia, and the CIA in America. There really isn’t anyone else capable of such perfidy.

Do not expect to ever learn the truth. Are we to believe that the same criminals who orchestrated 9/11 — America’s own security services in collusion with the Jews — are going to tell us the truth about Russia’s security services and that country’s leaders? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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From YouTube description ….

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad. “I come from an ordinary family, and this is how I lived for a long time, nearly my whole life. I lived as an average, normal person and I have always maintained that connection,” Mr Putin recalls.

Vladimir Putin’s mother, Maria ., was a very kind, benevolent person.

“We lived simply – cabbage soup, cutlets, pancakes, but on Sundays and holidays my Mom would bake very delicious stuffed buns [pirozhki] with cabbage, meat and rice, and curd tarts [vatrushki],” Mr Putin says.

His mother did not approve of his decision to do judo. “Every time I went to a practice session, she would grumble, ‘He’s off to his fights again.’” Things changed after Vladimir Putin’s coach visited his home and told his parents about what he did and what he achieved; the family’s attitude toward this sport changed.

His father, Vladimir Putin, participated in the war. In the 1950s, he worked as a security guard and later as a foreman at the carriage works.

“My father was born in St Petersburg in 1911. When World War I began, life in St Petersburg became hard, people were starving, so the entire family moved to Pominovo, a village in the Tver Region my grandmother came from. Incidentally, my relatives still vacation in the house where my grandparents lived. It was in Pominovo that my father met my mother, and they got married at the age of 17.”

After the war, the Putin family moved into a room in a communal apartment [kommunalka], in a typical St Petersburg dwelling house on Baskov Lane. Vladimir Putin recalls, “It was a building with a well-like yard. Fifth floor. No elevator. Before the war [World War II], my parents occupied half of the house in Peterhof and were very proud of the living standards they had achieved then. It wasn’t really much, but it seemed like an ultimate dream to them.”

School years

A troublemaker, not a Pioneer

Even before he finished school, Vladimir Putin wanted to work in intelligence. He went to a public reception office of the KGB Directorate to find out how to become an intelligence officer. There, he was told that first, he would have to either serve in the army or complete college, preferably with a degree in law.

“And from that moment, I began preparing myself to enter the law department at Leningrad State University,” Mr Putin notes.

In 1970, Vladimir Putin was admitted to law department at Leningrad State University. “We had a class of 100 people, and only 10 of them entered immediately after high school, the rest had already completed military service. So for us, the high-school graduates, only one out of 40 was admitted. I got four out of five for the essay, but top marks for everything else, so I passed.”

“When I began studying at the university, new goals and new values emerged. I mainly focused on studies, and began seeing sports as secondary. But, of course, I trained on a regular basis and participated in nation-wide competitions, almost out of habit.”

After graduating from Leningrad State University, Putin was assigned to work in the state security agencies. “My perception of the KGB was based on the idealistic stories I heard about intelligence.”

He was first appointed to the Directorate secretariat, then the counterintelligence division, where he worked for about five months. Half a year later, he was sent to operations personnel retraining courses.
Mr Putin spent another six months working in the counterintelligence division.

That was when he drew attention from foreign intelligence officers. “Fairly quickly, I left for special training in Moscow, where I spent a year. Then I returned again to Leningrad, worked there in the First Main Directorate – the intelligence service. That directorate had branches in major cities of the Soviet Union, including Leningrad. I worked there for about four and a half years.”

Then Mr Putin returned again to Moscow to study at the Andropov Red Banner Institute, where he was trained for his trip to Germany.

In 1960-1968, Vladimir Putin attended Primary School No. 193 in Leningrad. After the eighth grade, he entered High School No. 281, a chemistry-focused magnet school under the aegis of a technology institute, completing his studies there in 1970.