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All this prophecy nonsense is nothing more than a demonic plot to distract and confuse people — to ‘lead the children astray’, to use Biblical terminology. It is Satan’s way of instilling fear and confusion, and preventing Christians from expressing their love of God through their life and work. Christians are called to be an example unto the world. Christ’s followers have a duty and obligation to serve man and God.

This obsession with end-times prophecy is truly the work of the devil. Jesus warns us not to be concerned about the end times … not to waste our time trying to calculate the Day of Judgment. We greatly offend God when we seek to second-guess Him. It is a sin to waste time on such matters!

When the end comes, we won’t be able to do anything about it anyway. For all but the chosen few, it will be too late. Many will have lived in confusion and dread of judgment, wasting the opportunity the Lord gave them to be an example, to live a life of faith, and to do their part in making the world a better place. Most will, accordingly, be rejected, just as Jesus warned. They will be cast into the outer darkness because they have ‘covered their lamp with a basket’, so to speak, obscuring the light. Such people will have been of no use to the Lord in his work of saving the world. Do you think that Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that people could fritter away their time allowing misguided fools to frighten and confuse them with end times speculations?

Christians need to get free of this nonsense and get to work. The world needs our faith and our works.

That being said, this particular presenter does a good job of exploring the issues and examining the references, sometimes using dozens of translations and many different interpretations of the Bible, along with the original texts. I learn a lot from each encounter with this man’s work (but again, nothing that matters, really.) In a perverse way, then, I find his videos fascinating.

I say ‘perverse way’ because, as stated above, wasting one’s time trying to decipher Bible prophecy is a tragic mistake. Such activity is more than just a waste of time — it is tantamount to divination. It contributes nothing to an understanding of Christ’s life and work, or the meaning of His message. It is a misuse of our time and talent and an outrage to the living God, who has made it clear that it is not man’s place to know the time of the end. Indeed, what if we really could calculate the time of the end? We could not change a thing, because it is not man’s place. Know your place!

Moreover, endeavoring to make sense of Old Testament prophecies is totally pointless, because the Old Testament and the Old Covenant has been superseded by the New Testament and a New Covenant. The Christian Church is the New Israel. The Old Testament prophecies no longer apply. The Bible makes this clear when we are told that Jesus fulfilled the prophets and the law.

Now, after watching this video, put all this prophecy nonsense aside, and get to work. To be a faithful servant of Christ, we need to turn off the television, get off our behinds, and get to work feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, offering encouragement to the disheartened, visiting those in prison, building schools and orphanages and hospitals … and perhaps most importantly, crusading for a Christian world.

Some interesting points this video makes:

According to Jewish rabbis, (and based on Talmudic writings) the Jews are aliens here to conquer earth.

Jews see themselves as ‘undercover agents’ for the real alien species coming to conquer earth.

Talmudic writings and extraterrestrial lore overlap (see 51:07 +-)

The ALIEN ARRIVAL / ALIEN SAVIOR idea is *THE GREAT DECEPTION* as foretold in New Testament Bible prophecy.

Modern day kabbalistic (mystical, magical, occult, demonic) Talmudic teachings of Judaism would be the perfect platform for the alien deception.

The Pope and UN are joining together to prepare the way for the acceptance of these aliens. While the accuracy of this frequently repeated meme is yet to be determined, the concern is justified. I admit it does seem that the United Nations is promoting the concept of a syncretistic ‘one-world religion’ and, if YouTube videos are accurate, then the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church are also promoting this diabolical concept. A New Age religion integrating all the religious faiths of the world would be the worst development imaginable; it would assuredly lead to man’s destruction.

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