Gay Frogs Censorship & the Ballad of Infowars

Gay Frogs Censorship & The Ballad of InfoWars (Black Pigeon Speaks)

Comments by Charles Sulka

Gay Frogs Censorship & The Ballad of InfoWars (10:10)
Black Pigeon Speaks
Published on Aug 7, 2018

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In this video BPS warns of the looming danger of control over the internet/media by Silicon Valley ‘oligarchs’ enforcing politically-correct thinking through censorship. This is a very serious problem. BPS has some practical ideas on how to deal with the problem within the existing legal framework … which is good, because there is not a chance in hell that the DOJ would ever take steps to protect free speech or limit the monopoly control these ostensibly private companies have. The Republicans who control the American government are resolute in their opposition to protecting civil rights (like the right to privacy or freedom of speech), holding corporations accountable, enforcing anti-trust regulations, clamping down on unfair business practices, or to prosecuting white-collar criminals. Democrats are no better in this regard. It is a bizarre situation indeed: according to recent Supreme Court decisions, corporations have civil rights but people do not.

On 08-06-2018 I added Alex Jones to the PEOPLE DATABASE, making the following observations:

Alex Jones (Infowars)

On August 06, 2018, a dozen internet venues including Facebook, YouTube, & Spotify — all the largest social media sites and web hosts — banned Alex Jones and his ‘news’ program, INFOWARS. Jones’ channels were simultaneously shut down after a contentious period of warnings and intense opposition from the SJWs (social justice warriors.)

Jones has not been profiled in the PEOPLE DATABASE prior to this, as his ‘news’ and video presentations could hardly be taken seriously. Despite the obvious shtick of a professional con artist, Jones had garnered 18 MILLION followers among a demographic called the ‘alt-right’ (right wing loonies.) Despite his channel’s credibility problem, Jones was a major force in promoting alternative journalism, at a time when the mainstream media is totally controlled by dark forces hell-bent on destroying what little sanity is left in the world.

Still, Jones’ style was over the top, and his material was questionable (Warning: euphemism!) Absurd and vicious, Jones was dangerous because a large swath of the population took him seriously. The most violence-prone among the growing number of disaffected Americans were attracted to Jones’ web sites. One YouTube commenter, lamenting the fact that Jones has been banned, claimed that “At least he was real.” This shows how gullible Jones’ audience was. Alex Jones is a lot of things … but if there is one thing that Alex Jones is not, it is ‘real.’ The man is a total whack job and a shameless huckster.

Huckster is the term that best describes Jones. On his programs he ceaselessly barraged viewers with ads for vitamins and quack medicines, worthless nutritional supplements, hormonal treatments of the type that supposedly enlarge women’s breasts, male enhancement (penis enlargement) pills, etc. — all bogus, of course. (These days it seems that everyone wants something or other enlarged.) It it hard to imagine a sleazier operation, and on national television, at that.

Jones was famous for his ability to cry on cue in front of the camera. He used this trick often, and to good effect. Many of his viewers mistook his histrionics for sincerity. Yet some saw through the ruse. Many thought that Jones was moved to tears not by the stories he was reporting, but by hormonal imbalances caused by taking the supplements he foisted off on a gullible public. He liked to boast that he himself used these supplements and that they changed his life (a steady deterioration in Jones’ mental condition was readily apparent.) As one wag put it, Jones had heard that the federal government was about to arrest him for selling bogus penis enlargement pills, so he took the pills himself to prove that they were not a quack medicine. Apparently Jones was shocked and dismayed by the results; just thinking about it would bring him to tears. (I cannot speak to the veracity of this report … but it sounds more likely to be true than most of INFOWARS’ news stories.)

Jones, like Fox news, has been one of the most influential forces undermining American politics. Jones was as bad an influence on the right as CNN, Salon, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have been to the left. Alex Jones and Fox News surely have played a major role in the precipitous drop in average American IQ scores, at least among the political right.

It appears that there is more than a grain of truth in the recurring allegations that Jones is an Israeli plant, a disinformation agent. While Jones makes wild, unsupported accusations against any number of people and other countries, he never acknowledges Israel’s involvement in international intrigue, espionage, war crimes, and false flag operations (such as 9-11 WTC and the attack on the Pentagon.) These allegations are well documented and incontrovertible — even if the truth is continually denied by a government that is. literally, rotten to the core. Why would Jones never tell the truth about Israel and the threat the Zionists pose to America, and, indeed, the world? (Answer: he is a controlled Israeli asset, as his critics claim.)

Moreover, Jones’ incessant claims that his program’s values represent ‘Christian’ values is outrageous. What we have here is the Synagogue of Satan using Jones to make a mockery of Christianity. Jones and his ilk are no more Christians than his Ku Klux Klan affiliates are true Americans patriots.

To the man’s credit, Jones has consistently railed against globalization, neocons, elites, the deep state and the shadow government, and the New World Order, even if sometimes his message was inconsistent. This must have really pissed off the neocons (mostly Jews) in New York City and Washington D.C. — the men (and a few women) directing America’s disastrous domestic policy and the nation’s murderous foreign policy. It would appear that the man unknowingly undermines his own message with his nonsense and BS. For Alex Jones and his circle of close associates, his being banned from the internet must be depressing. What is really depressing — for the few thoughtful Americans who remain — is the fact that a large number of Americans enthusiastically embrace such nonsense.

This does not bode well for America.

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