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This is an enlightening video presentation by my old friend, Bill Still. Republicans have for years been colluding to force their collective will on the nation with calls for a constitutional convention, the plan being to write into the Constitution a handful of dangerous ideas favored by right-wingers. Republicans have a long list of bad ideas that they want to memorialize in the form of amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Among the worst of these bad ideas is a balanced budget amendment, an incredibly stupid idea which would hamstring the federal government for all time, promulgating intractable restrictions on fiscal policy and monetary policy from which the nation could never recover. Those advocating a balanced budget amendment appear to have not thought this through; mandatory restrictions of federal spending would necessitate tax increases and also require drastic cuts to the defense budget — a sacred cow among right-wingers. America’s military-industrial-security complex would come crashing down around us … and the blame would fall squarely on their heads. Remember, the Pentagon is the second-largest economic planning body in the world, being outspent only by the Chinese Communist Central Party Committee. At a time when drastic measures are required (economic reforms and massive government spending programs to create demand-side stimulus) Republicans are still promoting Reaganomics, a dismal failure. George Bush called supply-side economics ‘voodoo economics.’ No matter what you call it — Reaganomics, trickle-down economics, or supply-side economics — voodoo economics is bad medicine.

It seems that some on the right have seen the light. While Republicans, who control many of America’s state governments, might be able to initiate a nationwide movement to rewrite the Constitution, there is no way they can control the process once it is set in motion, a point made by Constitutional scholars in this video. The outcome might be totally different from what the reformers might have in mind. Some on the right are having second thoughts, and are advising caution. Others are in retreat; two state proposals for a Constitutional Convention have been rescinded (Nevada and Florida.)

Opponents of amending the Constitution make it sound like we are only one or two states away from the 34-state quorum required by the process. (See, for example, Robert Reich’s articles and Youtube videos on this subject.) Thirty-four states calling for a constitutional convention automatically invokes the process; thirty-one states have passed resolutions in favor of invoking an Article 5 constitutional convention, although five have rescinded, leaving twenty-seven states (of the required thirty-four) with active proposals on the books. In this video, Bill Still — long a vociferous opponent of a constitutional convention process, if not of the underlying sentiment — points out that at present proponents of amending the Constitution through this process are several states shy of the requisite number, and that the advocates of the proposal are having a tough time recruiting people to their cause.

It would not surprise me to see a rewrite of the American Constitution in the near future. Many are calling for a new and updated Constitution, as it has become clear that the Republic bequeathed to us by the Founders is falling apart. Many feel that a new Constitution will be required if we are to ever get the nation back on a sound footing. However, a haphazard process will not produce a suitable document to guide the nation into the future. More than at any other time, thoughtful deliberation is called for. I am most concerned about this collaborative process — the process of democracy. This has always been my focus.

One underlying cause of the malaise afflicting America today and the crisis in politics is the total breakdown of the Rule of Law. The people have lost confidence in the government’s ability to function effectively — if it functions at all — within the framework of the Rule of Law, based on the existence of a higher law. These days everyone in government, in business, even in the churches … is devious, deceitful, disdainful of the people, and dishonest. Everything the government tells us is lies, repeated ad nauseum through the mainstream media, a core component of the Deep State, the shadow government that secretly rules the nation (according to conspiracy theorists, anyway; realists can see that no one is actually in charge.)

All of our politicians are corrupt; America’s leaders do not govern in the best interests of the people. This fact is so widely known that there isn’t even any debate on the question. It is simply taken for granted and openly acknowledged. Americans have all but lost hope. How many times have I heard the lament, “You can’t fight City Hall” echoing in the streets. People are fed up! The bottom line is, America has become a third-world nation, destroyed by greedy bastards and crooks who are only interested in self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment. Or enrichment of their sons and daughters and wives …. It would be hard to imagine a government more corrupt than the American government today. But imagine it we must; for things will only get worse tomorrow if we don’t take action today.

A thoughtful man one asked, “What is the point in drafting a new constitution when nobody pays any attention to the old one?” That is a good question. There may be a good answer to that question: perhaps the breakdown in American politics today is a reflection of the inadequacies of the original U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution simply does not take into account the dismal state of human nature. The Founders were intelligent, honest, forthright men sincere in their efforts to provide the best possible governance for the nation. This can hardly be said of today’s politicians or the corrupt businessmen and foreign powers who direct them.

In the video Bill Still emphasizes his concerns about government out of control, his disdain for overweening centralized government. He rails against globalization as a threat to both the American nation and indeed the world. If I understand him correctly he recognizes that corporatism — big business, international finance, free trade, deregulation — are part and parcel of globalization. He has long espoused the primacy of a free press. And I know firsthand that Mr. Still has long warned of the danger of cabals and secret combinations, as I had the privilege of reading the draft of his first book (an expose of Freemasonry and secret societies) before it was published, nearly half a century ago. The man may be wrong about some things, and he appears to be right about some things. But he has always been an advocate of personal liberty, free enterprise, free speech, a free press, and what the Christian church calls subsidiarity (local control, independence, democracy, and an involved citizenry.) A Big Business / Big Government Republican (a neocon, in other words) he most definitely is not.

Regrettably, this video is preceded by a long advertisement for another of the quack medicines, nutritional supplements, and New Age holistic practices widely promoted by right wingers (there is no better example of this than Alex Jones and Infowars.) It is sad that journalists have to resort to such tawdry business practices to pay the bills. Mr. Still has promoted herbal teas (Life-Change Tea), water ionizers (Water Smacker ™), colonic cleansers, alkalinizers (sp?), and now adult stem-cell rejuvinators … all of which, and many more, are touted as miracle cures for anything and everything that ails you. Still claims his family uses these products regularly. To be fair, Still offers a testimonial from his 94-year of mother, who he says is also a long-time user of his products. To what should we attribute the woman’s longevity? It’s either good genes, good living, or good supplements … or a combination of the three. When I reflect on the sheer number of New Age alternative medicines and nutritional products that have been featured by advertisers on Bill Still’s Youtube channel, I imagine that his house must look like a turn-of-the-century apothecary.

Watch the video. Think about the issues. Outline the principles that should be incorporated into a new Constitution. Try to imagine the structure of government — republic, commonwealth, or confederation? How powerful should the central government be, in relation to states or regional governing bodies? Should there be one legislative body (unicameral, as in a corporate board of directors), or two or more branches (as in a Senate & House of Representatives)? Which offices should be held by elected (as opposed to appointed) officials? Should there be an independent judiciary? How should the judiciary be structured? Today’s Supreme Court makes a mockery of Justice. What should be the powers and responsibilities of the judiciary? What budgetary processes should be adopted? Who should issue the currency — the government, or private parties? Who should regulate the economy? Under the present U.S. Constitution, Congress is to regulate the economy. It is obvious that the Congress cannot do it, and the Administration will not do it … so should there be a separate and independent economic planning and management department? What electoral process is best: ranked voting, proportional voting, parliamentary process? What about election finance reform? (I think everyone except the very rich agree that we need to sever the ties between money and power in American politics.) What role should religion play in government? In society at large?

These are just a few of the questions we need to ask when we examine the issue of what constitutes a suitable constitution for the nation.

And perhaps the most important question of all: who does the American government serve — America, or foreign interests (i.e., the world communist movement based in China, or the international Zionist movement based in Israel?) Right now it looks like America’s leaders are working directly for foreign powers. A majority of Republicans in Congress acknowledged that they would advocate measures that were advantageous to Israel … even if those measures were detrimental to the United States of America. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

My feelings about such people are no secret: I have always said that if terrorists ever do nuke Washington D.C., I hope Congress is in session.

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Constitutional Convention Scam – AGAIN, 2350


The Still Report

Published on Aug 26, 2018

Unfortunately for many well-meaning Constitutional conservatives calling for a second Constitutional Convention is all a part of the on-going coup plot which spans decades, if not centuries.

There is absolutely nothing new about this Con-Con con. About 30 years ago, I played a part in bringing about Florida’s withdrawal from its Constitutional Convention call.

Shortly thereafter, at the invitation of legendary Constitutional activist, attorney Phyliss Schlafly, I went to the New Jersey capitol to attend a hearing about New Jersey’s Con-Con call.

Mrs. Schlafly was my mentor in everything I’m about to discuss – a discussion which flies in the face of a handful of well-intended but mis-informed conservative Constitutional scholars, including Mark Levin.

Last Sunday, Mr. Levin had on as guests, former U.S. Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn, and attorney Mark Meckler, one of the leaders of the Tea Party movement.

I don’t know why these three attorneys can’t see what’s going on here. I’m completely in their corner when it comes to deconsolidation of power. The federal government has usurped way too much of the power of the sovereign states. The question is what is the best way to get it back.

My contention is that there is no magic bullet. The cause is good and noble and true, but the only way to do this is like every other change wrought through the political process – work slowly and surely and within the protections of our Constitutional framework. Be careful when opening the door to wholesale change of our precious Constitution. We aren’t going to change this through one magjc convention, and anyone who offers such a magic solution should be told to slow down and consider the following facts.
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This is the core argument for the Constitutional Convention. Now let’s look at the text of Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress.”


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