News – Russian Central Bank Goes Up In Flames

News – Russian Central Bank building goes up in flames

Charles Sulka commentary

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Russian Central Bank building goes up in flames


In this short video we have a report of a fire at the Russian Central Bank in Moscow. News reports have been perfuntory; the incident has received little attention from the mainstream media in the West.

Intelligence reports, on the other hand, suggest that there may be more to this story than meets the eye. According to uncorroborated reports from a source who shall remain unnamed for the sake of anonymity …

The Russians are burning all of their U.S. Federal Reserve T-Bills, as they have decided American dollars aren’t worth bothering to redeem. Third world countries, corrupt dictators, Russian mafiosi, and even expatriate Russian oligarchs refuse to take bribes, pay-offs, or kick-backs in American greenbacks. It seems that Federal Reserve Notes are not worth the paper they are printed on — something many Americans have known for quite some time now … and that the rest will soon find out.

Reportedly, the maintenance staff was burning the large-denomination bills in old-fashioned coal stoves to heat the building, as coal and heating oil are both in short supply in Russia due to the West’s crushing economic sanctions. The Soviet-era coal stoves were in bad repair, and a small fire broke out in the basement of the Central Bank Building next to the storeroom where Russia’s foreign currency reserves — mostly Federal Reserve Notes, or T-Bills — were kept. The fire quickly got out of control.

There were no working sprinklers in the building due to cut-backs resultant of the Trump administration’s economic sanctions, punishment for interfering in the 2016 presidential election that put Trump in the White House (that’s gratitude for you.) In desperation, the workers tried to smother the fire with more worthless T-Bills. The fire only got larger … and stunk to high heaven. In the end, the fire department had to send the city’s one working fire truck to douse the blaze.

Other than smoke damage, the building was not seriously damaged. Several trillion dollars in Federal Reserve Notes were destroyed, however. According to a reliable source, the director of the Russian Central Bank shrugged it off, reportedly saying, “This saves us the bother of hauling all this worthless paper to the dump.”

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