Eagle Forum Speaks Out on Con-Con Con 2353 (Bill Still)

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YouTube Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEWexTMIwU8

This video is a follow-up to Mr. Still’s previous video on this topic:

– Constitutional Convention Scam – again 2350 (B. Still)(Video Notes).txt
– YouTube Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKUxsgj9nHI&t=1461s

This video is the second of two recent videos addressing the highly contentious topic of the movement for an Article 5 Constitutional Convention.

This video corrects an error in the previous video (#2350) in which the narrator (B. Still) underestimated the scope of the movement calling for a constitutional convention. Analysis by the Eagle Forum, which closely follows developments on this issue, shows that 27 out of 34 states needed for an Article 5 constitutional convention have such resolutions in force. (Five States have previously passed such resolutions but have since rescinded the measures.) Moreover, the momentum for an Article 5 constitutional convention comes from both the right and the left … and not only the ‘extremists.’

This video also introduces a not-really-new concept, but one worthy of renewed consideration in the context of the current American political crisis: restructuring the US. Supreme Court. The idea of restructuring the Supreme Court in keeping with the model of the European Union is proposed. The European high court has one justice from each nation, for a total of forty justices. A U.S. Supreme Court comprised of fifty justices, one from each State, is suggested. This idea is presented half-jokingly, with the observation that nothing good could possibly come from the EU bureaucracy. (It is hard to resist the urge to poke fun at the anything-but-democratic EU bureaucracy, as the EU is probably the only government on earth in a worse state than the floundering American government.)

The fact is, the composition of the Supreme Court is not bound by Constitutional restrictions — the number of justices is totally at the discretion of Congress. In the past there have been as many as ten Supreme Court justices, with proposals to increase the number even more having been considered over the years. The Supreme Court can be comprised of any number of justices, just as the federal district court system can be expanded to meet the needs of changing demographics.

Expanding the number of Supreme Court Justices — and making the composition of the Supreme Court more representative of America as a whole, with one Justice for each State, for example — is in fact an idea worth considering. To make such a dramatic change would take nothing more than an act of Congress, and not a Constitutional amendment. Indeed, if a super majority of Congress were to vote for such a change, not even a recalcitrant President could prevent it from becoming the law of the land. This is where Mr. Still’s true genius becomes apparent. Mr Still knows this, of course … and, being a master of nuance, he introduces the concept in such a way that the idea will percolate in the readers’s subconscious, eventually leading to productive change. This is subtle indeed.

Never underestimate the power of the pen in the hands of a master. We are here witnessing a true master at work. Watch the video: if you watch closely, you will see the twinkle in Mr. Still’s eye when he proposes changing the structure of the Supreme Court to be more democratic as well as more balanced.

I give Bill Still two thumbs up for his reporting and analysis on this important issue.

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Eagle Forum Speaks Out on Con-Con Con, 2353


The Still Report

Published on Aug 31, 2018

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Eagle Forum Speaks Out on Con-Con Con, 2353


As we pointed out in Still Report 2350, the dangers of a new Constitutional Convention is really a Con-Con con job.

This afternoon, I spoke to Janine Hansen, the Constitutional Issues Chairman for Eagle Forum, the outfit Phyllis Schlafly founded.

What a shocker. I didn’t realize how close we came last year to triggering an Article V Constitutional Convention. According to Janine – who is probably the leading expert in these matters for the home team:

Quote “In an unprecedented victory this session of the Nevada Legislature, all Republicans and all Democrats in the State Senate and Assembly voted unanimously to pass SJR10 which repealed all previous Nevada Legislative
Article V applications including the so called Balanced Budget Amendment.

This was so important because nationally the BBA had amassed 31 of the 34 state applications needed to call for a Convention. Their efforts are remarkably well funded. However the push back is happening. In 2016 Delaware rescinded all of their previous applications and this year. New Mexico, Maryland and finally Nevada rescinded all previous Article V’s taking the BBA Article V efforts back to 27 states.” Unquote