I am currently either setting up or am involved with several projects, including:

POLNET, a demonstration project for a proposed internet-based electoral process for choosing our elected representatives (at all levels of government). It is assumed that in the modern electronic age there is no need for the archaic Electoral College, and that office holders will be elected by direct vote of the people. POLNET’s biggest advantage over the existing electoral process is that it severs the tie between money and power — eliminating money as a factor in the selection of our elected representatives will advance the cause of democracy. Under POLNET there is no need for candidates to pander to special interests or be distracted from the responsibilities of their legislative roles in the never-ending search for the money to fund their election (or re-election) campaigns, for political advertising will be limited to the internet, which is free. Money will no longer be a factor in American politics.

U.S. CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES ( is intended to be a public forum wherein citizen activists, as well as constitutional scholars, can work together to hammer out a draft of a new American constitution . . . and, more importantly, come to agreement on the underlying principles which will guide the nation into the future. Today, the government operates in total disregard for the U.S. Constitution, from abolishment of the civil rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to the total disregard of the Constitution’s explicit instruction that Congress — not a cartel of private bankers — regulate the economy through a central national bank. Note: the Founding Fathers feared more than anything the prospect of private bankers printing money, and their worst fears have been realized in the current financial meltdown, which could not have occurred had the U.S. had a central national bank as ordained in the Constitution. (Most people do not realize that the Federal Reserve is not a government entity, but a cartel of private bankers.)

INDEPENDENT INTERFAITH is a hypothetical political party platform for the “post-apocalyptic” era. It is all but certain that the economic meltdown will continue to plague the nation. Locked into free trade agreements at the treaty level which makes it impossible for the government to regulate the economy, and assaulted from all sides by our trading partners and allies as well as our ideological enemies (thanks to the Republicans’ sell-out to the communists who now OWN the American economy) economic collapse and social upheaval are taken for granted, as there can be no solution to these problems under the current political system. A “third way” economic and political system is proposed. A strong third party will be necessary if we are to work within the framework of our existing political system to introduce sweeping reforms.

These initiatives exist now only in the planning and discussion stage . . . although it is hoped that they can be brought on-line in the near future. Interested parties should contact me by mail or use the contact form to send an email. Financial support is critical, but at this point donations are NOT yet tax-deductible so only major contributions (seed money) are sought from charter members.

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