Q: Why do Republicans refuse to acknowledge climate change (global warming) even as the scientific community overwhelmingly insists that the problem is real and that the very survival of life on earth is endangered? It almost seems as if Republicans want to see God’s creation destroyed and human life wiped out ….

A: Climate change and global warming is indeed the aim of Republican environmental policy. It is part of the master plan, so to speak.

Most politicians, especially Republicans, have been brainwashed by alien invaders using mind-control technologies and psychic weapons — psychotronic generators beaming a ‘stupidity beam’ at the planet from satellites in earth orbit. Think of it as DARPA run amok.

Global warming and climate change are part of the aliens’ ‘terraforming’ program. The plan is to alter the planet’s climate to better suit the aliens’ reptilian natures. The alien invaders’ home world was a hot planet (with a red giant sun unless I miss my guess.)

This is why long ago (long ago in terms of 3-dimensional space/time, the only reality the human mind can comprehend) the invaders chose the Middle East as the location for their base of operations. The deserts of the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Asia are perfectly suited to the alien physiology, and their base in Israel is centrally located in close proximity to four emerging economic and political powers. Remember, the alien invaders will conquer earth — enslaving the human race — through subterfuge, infiltration, subversion, mind control … and the promise of intergalactic trade. The interlopers’ trade mission will be located in Israel. The portal is already tethered in place.

According to CIA and Pentagon insiders, the aliens have established direct contact and are already communicating their instructions to their representatives here on earth (see Pentagon advisor Uri Geller’s web site for details.) The Jews — the aliens’ advance phalanx — will serve as the aliens’ trade representatives and administrators, lording it over the planet’s human population. You could say that world domination is in the Jews’ blood (or DNA.) Whether this is true or not, the dream of world domination is certainly in their collective psyche.

The invaders’ plan is to use the human race as a captive work force producing the advanced weaponry they need in their intergalactic wars. Intelligent parasites are embroiled in never-ending warfare, with every race in the galaxy targeting them for eradication. In exchange for advanced weapons and war materiel, the aliens will offer desperately needed food and medicines, probably including soma, to a human population unable to provide for itself after climate change, destruction of the environment, and the plagues caused by genetic engineering have taken their toll on earth. Global warming is an important first step in the plan. Republicans are their enablers.

No one knows for certain where the aliens — the mind-parasites — are from. Not even Jesus Himself, as He made clear in the parable. For as He rebuked the interlopers who are controlling the minds of the deluded and the hypocrites, “In truth, I do not know where you come from.” Jesus was referring to the demons in control of the false prophets: the TV preachers, the sham faith healers, and the hypocrites. False prophets are always Republicans — or at least they have been, up until recent times. Nowadays Satan is making inroads on the Left, too — the Hollywood crowd, for example.

Always bear in mind that the Bible is not to be taken literally and that Jesus is speaking figuratively in Luke 13:27 and Matthew 25:12. As Jesus Himself said in John 16:25 … “I speak to you in figurative language….” Here, when Jesus says He is speaking figuratively, His words should be taken literally. (The fact that the Bible can be confusing is the reason why so many people are unclear about their religious beliefs.)

Republicans (plutocrats) everywhere control governments and set policy. Thus Republicans and conservatives are key to the success of the alien invaders’ plans. Republicans are completely in thrall to the forces of evil. As Jesus indeed warned us: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Republican to enter the kingdom of heaven.” In short, Republicans are ‘possessed.’ Republicans, being ‘of the world,’ so to speak, are easily misled by Satan, the Prince of this World, their spiritual father. Dark powers and principalities need do nothing more than appeal to their base nature to win their full cooperation.

Republicans are almost completely immune to logic and reason, and are totally lost when it comes to science. (And this is before brainwashing and mind control.) Let’s face facts: just about the only Republican scientists you will find are those working for the tobacco or pharmaceutical industries peddling junk science, lies, and misinformation. NIST apparently has a few Republican scientists in key positions, too, judging from the government’s bogus official report on the WTC 9-11 false-flag operation.

Republicans’ lifestyles play a part in all this, making them particularly susceptible to alien mind-control. Republicans like to live in penthouse apartments at the top of high-rise buildings, like Trump Towers. Similar to electromagnetic forces, psychotronic beams are subject to the inverse-square rule. To put it in scientific terms — and with apologies to any Republicans who might be reading this, as this part will probably be incomprehensible to them — the mind-control waveform (the ‘stupidity beam’) is attenuated in direct proportion to the inverse square of the distance from the source. Penthouses apartments, being higher in elevation, are closer to the signal source (the alien satellites) and thus less subject to attenuation. High-rise buildings are also less well shielded from both EMF radiation and psychic (thought) energy. Those who live atop skyscrapers will be affected the most by the aliens’ psychic weapons.

Some Republicans — those with inside knowledge of the findings of the security services and access to sensitive (classified) information — are aware of what is happening. It has been reported that to shield themselves from the psychotronic beam in an effort to recover their sanity, savvy Republicans have started wearing tin foil hats inside their penthouses. They think of their protective headgear as the ‘helmet of salvation’ spoken of in the Bible (Ephesians 6:17). Other people have become aware of this, and Republicans have became an object of derision, the butt of jokes. There is a joke making the rounds that goes something like this: How do Republicans practice safe sex? For Republicans, safe sex means leaving their tin foil hat on when they do it. (And you thought Democrats were kinky.)

Psychic warfare and psychotronic weapons are why all the outposts left by the ancient aliens were made of heavy stone, like the Egyptian pyramids and the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula. Massive stone walls and roofs serve as shielding, protecting the occupants from the mind-destroying weapons of their enemies. The monolithic stone structures also offered some protection from fire and brimstone raining down from the heavens.

If you think war is an ugly thing now … the wars of the future are beyond human imagining. “And there was war in the heavens” … “Satan and his angels waged war on the Lord and His angels.”

Q: So, then, will the Republicans’ assault on God’s creation destroy all life on earth? Can the human race be saved?

A: There is always hope. The Lord could intervene and put an end to the Zionists’ plan for world domination and the Republicans’ scorched-earth policy. As the disciple John reminds us in the Book of Revelation, God has promised that He will destroy those who destroy the earth. (Revelation 11:18.)

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