Did Pat Robertson – 700 Club – Endorse Evolution Over Creation?

Did Pat Robertson – 700 Club – Endorse Evolution Over Creation?

Youtube video clip by TruNews (see URL at end of article.)

Commentary by Charles Sulka

In this short video clip Pat Robertson refutes the belief that the creation myth in the Bible’s Book of Genesis is literally true. The scientifically impossible and self-contradictory idea that the creation myth is a factual representation of God’s creation of heaven and earth, and not a spiritual lesson in literary form — and a very creative one, at that — is widespread among American Protestants and others lacking formal theological study. Surveys indicate that as many as 40% of Americans (and 100% of certain denominations and fundamentalist cults) believe the earth was formed in a week some 6,000 years ago. This is a staggering proportion of Americans to be incapable of critical thinking — to deny the scientific evidence and common sense. As Robertson makes clear in this 700 Club video, the universe is billions of years old, the earth millions of years old (at least), and the act of creation took a very long time. In fact, it is a process that is still underway.

Pat Robertson’s exposition here is important for several reasons. The man clearly refutes a fundamental error of the false teachers (fundamentalists, cult leaders, TV preachers, and evangelicals.) Significantly, Robertson establishes himself as embracing wisdom and understanding in his revised theology — a ‘new and improved’ theology which is in keeping with sound Christian doctrine. Robertson’s exuberance in his view of the magnificence of God is infectious. In Robertson’s current view, God is not limited as are words on paper or the human imagination.

There are other observations that should be noted. First, can we be sure the video is real, and that it represents Robertson’s actual views on the question of the creation myth and a literal interpretation of the Bible? In the comments, several viewers have pointed out that Robertson appears to be confused, exhibiting signs of senility. (I have to concur.) Furthermore, the video has a very low viewer count, which is puzzling. Robertson and the 700 Club both have a large following. Furthermore, the presentation is choppy, with poor production values. It almost seems that the man’s words do not match his comportment. In these times of fake news, propaganda, and widespread fraud on the part of the media and the intelligence services (who are usually one and the same) it is possible that this is a spoof — spurious material designed to spread disinformation and confusion. It also could be intended to discredit Robertson in the eyes of his long-time followers, and sow discord among the mesmerized viewers of America’s TV preachers. A closer examination is called for.

Finally, we must celebrate any person’s spiritual development — even deathbed conversions are a matter of immense joy for believers. But Robertson’s achieving a higher level of doctrinal understanding cannot offset the incredible harm his words and works have done in the world. The TV preachers, like the widespread sexual abuse scandals, have undermined all credibility for the Christian faith in the eyes of the world. Robertson and the rest of America’s false prophets — the TV preachers and sham faith healers — have spread error and confusion far and wide. The bogus religious doctrines of America’s evangelicals have cost millions of people their eternal souls.

Importantly, Robertson and his cohort have endorsed the economic and political misconceptions that have destroyed this nation’s economy and caused so much suffering for so many by promoting the materialism of Western capitalism and the centrality of the self — warped values that are in direct opposition to Christ’s teachings.

Robertson has spent a lifetime teaching error to the gullible. The man has hundreds of books, articles, sermons, and videos in print, almost all of which are poor interpretations of the Bible, wrong-headed and filled with doctrinal error. Would it be possible for a change of direction — even a refutation of one’s life’s work, as was the case with Thomas Aquinas — to offset the harm done to millions of simple believers who have been misled by erroneous teaching?

This is a very sobering thought. Jesus makes clear what will be the fate of the false teachers. “Better it would be if a millstone were tied around their neck and they were cast into the sea ….” (Matthew 18:6) It will be tragic for so many American religious figures who, in their later years, come to regret that they ever set pen to paper, and suffer to the end, dreading the judgement that is to come.

This also shows us the advantage of digital (internet) publishing as an alternative to print publication. Internet publications can be edited, revised, improved, clarified, or, when necessary, even deleted. (There is only so much one can accomplish with a text editor.) But a man cannot delete a vast collection of published works that are filled with false teachings.

It has been said that there is a special place in Hell for lawyers. This is one of my favorite sayings, and I am sure it is true. I am sure there must also be a special place in Hell for false prophets, TV preachers, and sham faith healers. Turn off the TV set and get yourself to a real church, before it is too late. And if you happen to have any books written by these modern-day Pharisees, burn them … lest they fall into the wrong hands — your children’s.

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Did Pat Robertson – 700 Club – Endorse Evolution Over Creation

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