Video Documentary by John Potash

Commentary by Charles Sulka

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This video is a pastiche. None of the material will be new to many viewers. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the internet, and the dedication of an army of citizen journalists, these (and many more) revelations of the government’s criminal activities have come to light in recent years. Most viewers have probably seen these or similar video clips. This information forms only a small part of a treasure trove of documents and interviews describing the widespread criminal activities of America’s security services.

The writers have done a commendable job of showing the intelligence agencies’ involvement with the central figures in this story, often in their own words. Those responsible for the explosion of mind-altering drugs, the widespread sexual perversions, and the dalliance with the occult and dark forces which has permeated American society are exposed for what they are — a criminal conspiracy of mind-blowing proportions. This focus on the activities of the nation’s security services is crucial to understanding the true nature of the threat.

The threat we face is the American government, operating in total secrecy, conducting a campaign of unspeakable evil, hell-bent on destroying this nation from within … while attacking every other nation on earth. The forces of evil are using taxpayer’s money against the citizens of this nation, poisoning our children with drugs, twisting peoples’ beliefs with mind-control technologies, and murdering anyone who threatens the existing order or tries to expose the dangers of government out of control.

This is the reality in America today. This video exposes this stark reality. This video is a call to arms. If we don’t rise up in opposition to this evil, we will all be to blame for the enslavement of our children to the forces of evil. It’s as simple as that.

The writer downplays — actually, totally ignores — the involvement of the one group which is undoubtedly the most significant player in the explosion of dangerous drugs and unwholesome practices in America (what we might call the ‘counterculture’.) That would be the Jews. The Israelis and American Jewry feature prominently in the manufacture and distribution of dangerous drugs in America, but in this video, this fact is never stated. In fact, the word Jew is never mentioned. None of the Jews who play leading roles are identified as such. The video appears to be a propaganda piece (disinformation) obviously designed to conceal the involvement of this group.

The Jews’ worldwide criminal activities — especially the manufacture and distribution of drugs — is hardly a secret. America’s DEA and the FBI have long known that hallucinogenic drugs (i.e., LSD, DMT, Ketamine, etc.) and the pseudo-pharmaceutical drugs (i.e., MDA, MDE, MDMA (Ecstasy), etc.) that have flooded the American market were often produced by Israeli criminal gangs. The problem has been apprehending the criminals, as the Israeli Jews have an elaborate world-wide network of plants who have infiltrated virtually every branch of the federal government. Prosecuting the Jews involved in such crimes is difficult, for the Jews have an outsized presence in America’s judicial system; Jewish lawyers become judges and prosecutors in numbers disproportionate to their …..numbers….. An army of Jewish lawyers protects the criminals who are unfortunate enough to get caught.

For example, radicals Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin are mentioned, but in this video we are never told that they are Jews. These and their fellow travelers — radicals and malcontents advocating drugs and anarchy — are identified only as yippies (Youth International Party), probably the most imbecilic group that was ever formed and a strong argument in favor of the proposal to raise the voting age from 18 to 21 years of age, and requiring applicants to pass an IQ test before a voters’ registration is issued. It is interesting that these radicals and their compatriots were elevated to celebrity status by America’s mainstream press, which is owned and operated by Jews. The connection should be obvious, even if the link to the drug underworld is not.

One thing deserves close examination. In several places the writer points out that many children of American military families played leading roles in the emerging counterculture as well as the New Age movement, drugs, and the occult. The fact that government security personnel and contractors, and especially military families, played important roles could be of crucial importance in fully understanding what is behind the disintegration of American society.

Decades ago I learned of the security services widespread use of CIA tooth radios and implant transmitters. The technology is not secret; the original patents (from the 1940s and 1950s) have long been declassified and basic information about the technology is available on the internet. I have even met the designer of the tooth radios the CIA purchases. (This was more than a quarter-century ago; I am sure they have developed more sophisticated devices by now.) The CIA’s tooth radios were made in Japan at the time, so it can be assumed that the security services of God-only-knows how many other countries also rely one such devices for their surveillance, blackmail, and manipulation of their citizens.

In the 1980s I was told by women in the security services that military families had their children fitted with tooth radios and implants so that they could be tracked in case they were kidnapped by terrorists. I have also seen that certain civilian groups — the gifted and talented, writers and poets, musicians, etc. — are actively recruited, with their parents being enticed to allow their children to be part of a worldwide network of supposedly superior individuals. I like to think of this as the ‘Lake Woebegone Program’ in honor of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, the chronicles of a community where all the men are good looking, all the women are strong, and all of the children are above average.

It has long been obvious that dark forces are somehow reprogramming the minds of young people, not only sowing the seeds of discontent, but also stripping them of their native intelligence. While their minds are being destroyed, God’s grace is literally being sucked out of their souls. The minds of our children are being poisoned, not only by television and video games, but by some technology which is more powerful, more intrusive, and vastly more destructive. One idea that comes to mind is the security services’s implants and tooth radios. It is not implausible that demonic forces (some think of them as alien invaders) using AI (artificial intelligence) software hosted on the security services’ supercomputer networks are ‘dumbing down’ the population and implementing mind-control technologies as part of an incursion, a preliminary step to a full scale invasion. The objective would be the subjugation of the human race. It is something to think about.

If this is the case, then their plan looks to be well advanced. The worldwide roll out of 5G wireless cellular could be the final part of the plan — blasting high-powered microwave beams directly into the brains of every person on earth. A program of 24/7 mind-control and technological assault from which there is no escape and against which there would be no defense.

You can quote me on that. Spread the word. Shout it from the roof tops! Your children will thank you for it if you do.

The video is made from John Potash’s book of the same name: DRUGS AS WEAPONS AGAINST US: THE CIA WAR ON MUSICIANS AND ACTIVISTS. The book is one of the most comprehensive examinations of the issue: Thousands upon thousands of sources & references, with over 1,000 footnotes, provides a treasure-trove of documents and a wealth of information on the subject.

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