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Commentary by Charles Sulka


Starting approximately halfway through, this video makes a good case for the proposition that Epstein was an Israeli MOSSAD agent, and his global pedophilia ring catering to the rich and powerful was in reality part of a worldwide blackmail operation. The Jews lure political and business leaders all over the world to encounters where they are filmed in compromising positions with child victims, young girls or little boys, depending upon the target’s predilection. Drugs, money, hypnosis & psychological manipulation are all used to control the victims of such sexual predation. The Jews use the material they produce this way to blackmail world leaders into doing the bidding of the international Jewry conspiracy.

I have no direct knowledge of the Epstein affair — as a ‘deplorable’ (poor person) from Appalachia, I would never have had the opportunity to hob-knob with such high-rollers. Still, I can say from personal knowledge that the Jews do make a practice of doing exactly this. Years ago I learned that I was filmed several times in love trysts by ‘Friends’ (code word for MOSSAD agents) or America’s spy services with the Jews’ assistance. I also know of a number of other attempts where Jews and their collaborators tried to lure me into performing on camera. Having no interest in sex with men or children, I must have really disappointed the Israeli spy masters.

Being a country boy at heart, I was not on the prowl for such women, and I knew all too well the risks of dangerous drugs; I turned down the Jews’ offers of sex and drugs. I was actually hoping to find a more traditional-minded woman and settle down. I generally avoided questionable people, and made a point of avoiding informants, perverts, and spies once I learned what the back-stabbers and blackmailers were up to. The perfidy of the Jews is a big reason why I have lived a celibate life since I had a religious re-awakening.

This video examines the question of how a tiny foreign power — Israel — can have such influence on the American government. MOSSAD blackmail is one possibility. Personally, I find the TruNews Network’s proposition that half of the American government is being blackmailed by the Zionists to be preposterous. Only half? I would think it has to be a lot more than that.

In the 1980s, the MOSSAD agent who developed the tooth radios the CIA uses showed me several more of his inventions — tape recorders that secretly record on hidden tracks, and a tiny video camera hidden in a pen. He told me they used these hidden cameras and secret transmitters in their spying operations world-wide. He boasted to me that they routinely spy on business and political leaders, even NATO commanders at NATO headquarters in Brussels. He told me the Israeli spies had an office two doors down from Al Haig’s office at NATO headquarters. (I do not know what cover they were using, but I doubt the sign on the door said “Greater Israel” or “MOSSAD.”) He told me that because they were illegal in the U.S., these cameras were smuggled into this country through the Bahamas. Like the CIA’s tooth radios, the secret cameras were fabricated in Japan. (Note: CCD cameras are now ubiquitous, and from what I understand, the intelligence agencies’ tooth radios and implants are now made by Motorola at a special facility right here in America. I guess we should be thankful that something is still being made in America.)

I also learned that Israeli spy-whores collect sperm samples from targeted men — sperm which is used in the Jews eugenics program. Israeli women are specially trained for this. The Jews are trying to breed a messiah, a ‘superman’ who will lead the Zionists to greatness and world domination. The specialized techniques Israeli women use to gather the samples from targeted men are surprisingly simple — most men don’t pay much attention to what is happening around them when in the throes of passion (or lust.)

I would never have been considered as a candidate for the Jews’ eugenics program. From what I have heard, they prefer Nobel prize winners. Fat & ugly rednecks from Appalachia, not so much. The last thing they would want to do is breed more of us.

The CIA’s variant of this eugenics program — it is difficult to discover to what degree the two programs are intertwined, as it all is being done in secret, led by the feminist faction — is called Project Monarch (a clever play on words: they are breeding a monarch (a king), with the symbol being a monarch butterfly.) It has something to do with genetic engineering and aliens and the AntiChrist.

You can’t make this stuff up. (I couldn’t, anyway.) All this is more likely than not to be true. (We’re still trying to learn the details.) I’m expect things are really far worse than we realize, because everything is compartmentalized, with the work performed by contractors working in total secrecy. This is the reality of what is going on behind the veil of official secrecy. You have no idea the kind of things the U.S. government is doing to you, and what they plan to do to your children. By the time you come to your senses, it will be too late.

Watch the video. The Synagogue of Satan will almost certainly make sure it is removed from Youtube soon.

Update July 13, 2019 …

In only two days since the above was posted, there have been some major developments in the Epstein case reported by TruNews Network and others.

First, the press — even the Jew-controlled mainstream media outlets — are abuzz with the story that Epstein was most likely an agent of Israel’s MOSSAD (foreign intelligence service) and his sexcapades appear to have been the operations of a world-wide pedophilia ring used to blackmail the rich and powerful. (Nothing new here, except the fact that even the liberals in the left-leaning media can no longer cover up Epstein’s crimes.)

Second, TruNews Network published a follow-up video with some truly shocking revelations. (a) a woman who was a thirteen-year high school freshman at the time testifies that Donald Trump repeatedly raped her at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in New York at sex parties Trump attended. The details of Trump’s alleged assault on the girl, who was a virgin at the time, are too horrid to repeat here. (b) Epstein had a complete dental set-up including dental chair, dental drills, and related equipment, lights, etc. at his mansion(s). The purpose of this specialized equipment is not known, but it could be that Epstein was using the dental equipment to install Israeli tooth radios and implants for secretly recording conversations with targets of the honey-trap scheme, to control the girls who were being used as sex slaves, or for mind control, an area where America’s intelligence services have long collaborated with Israeli spies and Jewish psychiatrists. (President John F. Kennedy’s sister was brainwashed, lobotomized, and eventually killed by CIA-backed Jewish psychiatrists conducting mind-control experiments. There is a long list of victims who have died or whose lives have been destroyed after being subjected to horrible secret experiments by America’s intelligence agencies — almost all of which were conducted by Jewish medical professionals and scientists working under secret government programs. Your tax dollars at work.)

Trump’s association with criminals like convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein (a New York Jew) and his involvement with Russian criminal gangs (also Jews) in money-laundering operations connected to his real estate holdings supports the proposition that Donald Trump is a Manchurian candidate — a programmed agent of influence of the Synagogue of Satan and the international Jewry conspiracy. Trump is probably not a MOSSAD agent himself — he lacks the intelligence, for one thing — but it would appear that he is a controlled asset doing the work of the Zionists in America. But then again, aren’t all of America’s political actors secretly working for Israel? (Some, quite openly ….)

When I was subjected to secret mind-control experiments by the Jews in 1984 & 1985 while attending West Virginia University (and later in California) I was at least privately told that I was being subjected to drug experiments by my college professor (a Jew who was obviously in on it). He said the study had the approval of the committee on the rights of human test subjects (or something like that), some secretive body that ‘authorizes’ illegal secret experiments on people in America. Like the DOJ/FBI’s FISA court, the process is a sham — a farcical process whereby illegal and unethical activities by the security services are given a facade of legitimacy. I’m certain I would not have survived the security services’ treachery had it not been for the intervention of our Lord and Savior. I will be eternally grateful to the Jews for bringing Jesus Christ into my life.

The follow-up video is long (some two hours.) But it is well worth the time, as this group of investigative journalists reveals more and more the evil that lurks behind the veil of official secrecy and the insidious threat the Zionists, Israel, and the Jews in general pose to society.

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