Discussing New 911 Terrorist Attack Revelations [Robert David Steel & Stephen Pideon]

Discussing New 911 Terrorist Attack Revelations [Robert David Steel & Stephen Pideon]

Comments by Charles Sulka

YouTube Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5DXhNfRgoU&t=2105s

Nexus 1: Robert David Steel / Stephen Pideon

NEXUS 1 claims to be a network of truth-tellers, strategists, and political activists dedicated to saving America from the criminal cabals that have taken over the U.S. government. In this video Robert David Steele identifies the true culprits behind the 9-11 WTC false flag operation and attack on the Pentagon (Israel and U.S. government insiders — the so-called Deep State.) In the first part of the video Steele brings us up to date on the state of affairs of the 9-11 investigation, providing new insights. For example, Steele points out that the WTC twin towers had been condemned in 1998 by the City of New York, and needed to be removed or remediated at a cost of billions of dollars … thus taking the beginnings of the 9-11 conspiracy back a number of years, and tying it in with a commercial insurance fraud scheme by the New York Jews.

The 9-11 WTC false-flag operation turns out to be not only the penultimate example of human treachery, but also a telling example of Jewish perfidy. 9-11 WTC shows us how the Jews profit from their crimes — in this case, an attack on the heartland by assailants who quite obviously are devoid of anything even close to human qualities. In New York, this sort of wanton destruction (often with innocent victims being burned to death) is known as ‘Jewish Lightning’, so named because Jewish landlords have a well-deserved reputation for torching their properties to collect the insurance money rather than make expensive repairs to decrepit buildings. Arson-for-profit is as Jewish as the Talmud … which, by the way, isn’t even Jewish in origin, but actually is a collection of Babylonian gobbledygook. The Talmud may be Jewish, but it certainly isn’t Biblical. The religion of the Jews — if you want to call it a religion — is not from God. It is totally unrelated to the Old Testament scriptures. Indeed, the Talmud is Cabbala occult mysticism of the type that God finds most offensive.

Steele has emerged as a central player in the effort to get President Donald Trump to take action. Steele brings to the battle his intellect, his writings, his web site, his contacts, his proposals for change, and his vast knowledge of the inside workings of the Deep State. From an outsiders’ perspective, I do not know of anyone better suited to direct this ‘movement’ — the Truth Movement meets political activism with a call to arms for a Second American Revolution. This is heady stuff.

In all likelihood, nothing will come of this. Trump is a Zionist plant, a controlled Israeli asset, a ‘true friend of Israel’ as he openly boasts — in short, a servant of the Synagogue of Satan. The 45th president of the United States of America is, according to credible sources, a partner in crime with the Jews — a co-conspirator in global money-laundering, using Trump properties as a front for concealing the illicit proceeds of Russian oligarchs (primarily Jews) and Russian mobsters (also true friends of Israel.) Steele and his cohort, along with the right-wingers, avert their eyes when gazing into this dark aspect of Trump’s soul; the man is, after all, the one and only hope of bringing down the shadow government and putting America back on track. (Or so the story goes.) Everyone is hoping — more than a few are praying — that the man can be manipulated into doing the right thing, as it is obvious he hasn’t the slightest idea what he is doing with regard to either foreign or domestic policy.

The first 30 minutes of the video feature Robert David Steele outlining the strategy to get Trump to take the necessary actions. The fast-paced narrative is most informative (after a musical introduction that is way too long.) However, after Steele signs off, the video turns tedious. The producers need to learn to focus on the issues and give the viewer concise, informed presentations, free of all the blather.

Following the Steele segment, the video gets really weird … delving into the Khazarian nature of the Luciferians, which the narrator identifies as Jews & Catholics. (To be honest, there is mounting evidence that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Freemasons and Jews, New Agers, occultists, homosexuals, and pedophiles. There could be more than a grain of truth to this investigator’s reports.)

The narrator might also be correct when he points out that in Israel’s occupation of Palestine, the true semites (Palestinians) are being massacred by Khazarians masquerading as Jews. If this is so, the consequences could be serious. The new racial purity laws enacted in Israel requiring DNA testing to establish ‘Jewishness’, and prohibitions against Israelis marrying non-Jews could effectively obliterate the real Jews, replacing them with impostors. This is reminiscent of the low-budget horror film, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Only this is not a Hollywood production; this is real life. Life, and death — death at the hands of an army of invading aliens who despise God and His creation, swarming over the land like a horde of locusts (to use a biblical allusion) — intelligent parasites infused with a hatred for the human race that you can never fully comprehend.

At 37 minutes into the rambling screed, the narrator rails against Satan’s agents, this time identified as environmentalists (!) At this point I had to turn off the video, as it was obvious that a misinformed (and probably unbalanced) individual was spouting nonsense. I have no idea what the narrator says for the rest of the two hour video. The first part with Robert David Steele is good, however.

The video is 500 MB in size; it is not downloaded to the ARCHIVES. In all likelihood it will be deleted from YouTube, as it not only tells the truth in some places (which apparently is in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service) but it contains unfavorable depictions of Jews, cabalists, occultists, sexual deviants, pedophiles, New Agers and other flakes (which is definitely against YouTube’s Community Guidelines.)

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Nexus 1: Robert David Steel/ Stephen Pideon



Published on Aug 14, 2018

Discussing the New 911 Terrorist Attack Revelations and Memo to the President and Legal-Political Renaissance in America