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This video is a concise introduction to the Central Bank issue — as issue which is at the center of the nation’s — indeed, the world’s — economic problems. Nationalizing the Federal Reserve and ending the perpetual debt financing of the nation’s economy is first and foremost among the economic reforms that need to be implemented if we are to free the nation from the stranglehold of the bankers and financiers.

In this video Mr. Pigeon makes reference to Bill Still’s exhaustive study of the issue, “The Money Masters”. U.S. elder statesman Ron Paul (Ron Paul Institute), a voice of reason who has long called for an end to the Federal Reserve private central bank, is also cited. Not cited in this video, but important to understanding the issue, is James Corbett’s (The Corbett Report) examination of the issue, titled “Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve”. There is a growing cadre of economists calling for fundamental reform of America’s central banking system as essential to fulfilling the U.S. Constitution’s mandate that Congress (and not private banks) regulate the economy and issue the currency. This is seen as a crucial first step in rebuilding the American economy.

A note of warning: all of the above, and many others who call for nationalizing the Federal Reserve, adhere to traditional conservative principles, primary among them being a sound currency. The term sound currency means different things to different people, and there is little agreement as to how to achieve this objective. Several of those listed above mistakenly believe that gold-backed currency is the answer. This is a simplistic view that does not comport with reality; the value of gold is anything but stable, being easily manipulated by both governments and private financial game-players. Several of the above actively promote crypto-currencies which have little utility as a practical currency and, again, do not represent a stable currency and are unsuited to the role of central banking (private or public.) Crypto-currencies are nothing more than speculative assets with little real-world practicality.

The Founders were correct in their belief that the government of a sovereign nation must control the national currency. Only the federal government can be allowed to issue money; this is the basis for a stable currency. The traditional conservative position is absolutely correct: a sound currency is essential to a productive economy. Only the government can be allowed to issue the nation’s money — not private bankers or crypto-currency miners.

It is crucially important that America throw off the shackles of the parasitic financial sector — the bankers who are literally enslaving all of humanity for their personal profit. A public central bank must be embraced as a core principle of the New Economics. When the people come to the realization that they have been hoodwinked — and there comes a populist uprising against these economic parasites — then it will not be so dangerous for politicians to oppose the banking cartel. Hopefully, the fears of this video presenter will prove unfounded, and Trump will not be assassinated by the bankers and financial elites (the so-called Deep State.) Ideally, some day every politician and candidate for high office will instinctively recognize the need to restore control of the economy to the Congress, as the Founders intended, and as the U.S. Constitution stipulates.

The financial parasites whose aim is to enslave the human race can be defeated … but first the people need to come to grips with reality. The enemy is not the man down the street or other honest working men and women. The real enemy is Wall Street – the financial parasites and the shyster lawyers who have destroyed the productive economy of this once great nation, stolen the savings of the honest workers, and saddled the nation with a public debt that can not conceivably ever be paid off. Nor should it be — we the people are not responsible for the government’s excesses and abuses; we the people did not authorize that waste, fraud, and abuse, and we the people sure as hell shouldn’t be forced to pay for the profiteering of America’s ruling elites.

Trump is right when he says we need to make America great again. Hopefully the bankers will be put out of business before they can assassinate the President. This time, assassination may not work. If enough people come to their senses, assassinating kings and princes (and presidents) will not be an effective means of ensuring that the moneyed class and the elites that serve them can prevail in their war against humanity.

One final point: in the video, Mr. Pigeon makes reference to the Christian faith’s ban on usury (loaning money at interest.) Most Christians today have only superficial religious training and have been led astray by the false prophets of the airwaves (TV preachers, sham faith healers, charismatics and other ‘evangelicals.’) The faithful are confused about what it means to live a Christian life in accordance with Biblical principles. Many people are unaware that both the Bible and Christian tradition prohibit usury, and that lending at interest was strictly outlawed in Christian lands for more than 1,400 years.

The good Lord knew, of course, that economic parasites would enslave the people through financial manipulation and usury unless their schemes to exploit their fellow man could be held in check. Speaking through the Prophets, the Lord warned us of the danger. This is why the Jews rejected God and the Old Testament, and adopted instead an ersatz religion of Babylonian gobbledygook (Talmudic Judaism.)

Today, more than ever, we the people need to reign in on the financial parasites who have undermined what not too long ago was the greatest nation on earth. Trump is right — we need to make America great again. It is time to rebuild America’s economic powerhouse. But this time we know better than to fall into the trap of perpetual indebtedness to a ruling class of parasites who conjure up money out of thin air. This time we need to base our economic model on Scriptural economic principles.

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Trump Entering the ASSASSINATION ZONE?

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Published on Oct 26, 2018

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