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This 4+ hr. long video is a collage — a wide-ranging collection of material that purportedly supports the contention that aliens are not visitors from other worlds, but demons — the fallen angels of Biblical lore. The point of the video is to debunk the ‘ancient aliens theory’ — that extraterrestials visited earth and interacted with men in ages past. Admittedly, the ancient aliens theory is based on circumstantial evidence and conjecture, buttressed by legend, and supported by archelolgical mysteries … and admittedly incorporates wild speculation and even outright lies by its proponents (the interview sequence with Erich Von Daniken is particularly revealing.) Still, it is the only scenario that fits with the evidence — ancient structures all over the world that could not conceivably have been build by humans, unassisted.

The video begins with an examination of (non-canonical) ‘scripture’ — the Book of Enoch. Cited in the Bible (but not included in the canonical scriptures) the Book of Enoch was once widely popular in the ancient church (pre-Biblical times, diminishing in popularity up to approx. 550 a.d.) The video leads viewers to take a close look at the Book of Enoch, which is now readily available on the internet. This can be most enlightening.

The video’s desperate attempt to discredit the ancient alien theory is an attempt to validate the even more implausible theory that the Book of Genesis is, literally, a true and accurate description of the creation of the universe and life on earth. The Book of Genesis is obviously allegorical. It is quite nicely done, too, especially the story of Eve and the Serpent (the Fall) in the Garden of Eden. A talking snake as a literary device is a stroke of divine genius. That the story of the Fall is inspired there can be little doubt. To think that the Book of Genesis — or any part of the Old Testament, for that matter — is literally true is foolish, and confounding. This only makes the Christian faith less believable, less comprehensible, and less accessible.

The story of man’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden and the Fall is to forever remind us that man is a creature, a creation. Man is not a god (despite what Shirley MacLaine told millions of adoring viewers in her television series.) This core principle of the Christian faith — that man can never ascend to god-like status — is in direct refutation of the basic teachings of the Scientiolgists, the Freemasons, the Mormons, and the rest of the New Age movement. (And as this video shows, belief in the ascension of man has permeated even the mainstream Christian denominations.) Those who insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible often completely miss the point of the inspired works. The point here is that man is not God, and can never become a god. (Spoiler alert: The snake lies to Eve … or does it?)

The astute reader realizes that the Book of Genesis is self-contradictory and contraverts basic science; one need only consider the question of whence came mates for the children of Adam & Eve. Obviously the couple were not alone on the earth.

From a purely scientific perspective, it is quite possible that there was an archetypical human, whose origin we cannot even guess at, and whose genome served as the basis for the first homo sapiens. The video itself refers to ‘thousands of years of genetic manipulation’ in the development of the human species … suggesting that human development involved outside intervention and is not merely a result of a series of accidental mutations and natural selection (Darwinian evolution.) Evolution is not necessarily incompatible with Christian doctrine. Evolution might be thought of as the process through which God creates. It is reasonable to assume that God, working through His angels, directs human development — indeed, the development of all life forms — through a process we might call ‘intelligent design’. This term, ‘intelligent design’, which here means deliberate intervention in the development of life on earth — has changed meaning over the years, and currently is used as an alternative term for creationism. It is difficult to discuss the concept because of the ambiguities.

The Book of Enoch has a distinct (almost ‘New Age’) timbre, and ‘disembodied spirit’ channeling-type dialect. Also, it talks of hidden knowledge (arcana) and esoteric teachings, shamanism or witchcraft with an emphasis on herbs and potions, and seemingly magical powers of the ‘sons of God.’ The video suggests that fallen angels, or demons, impregnated the daughters of men, resulting in an era of a race of giants. Stories of alien ‘gods’ with super-human powers (and advanced technology) abound in many different cultures. There probably is a basis of common truth to these various legends. In the end, however, the Book of Enoch is too fantastical to be taken seriously, with the ‘giants’ borne of the human mothers being 450 ft. in height (!) Perhaps most importantly, the Book of Enoch offers little clarity on religious issues, only confusion. This is no doubt why it was not incorporated into the canon of the Bible, even though it was among the most popular of the religious writings used in the early Christian faith.

The video suggests that 450-ft tall giants would have been powerful enough to build the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient stone artifacts with their bare hands. Men building these massive stone structures as enslaved peoples dominated by otherworldly visitors under the guidance of such creatures and using the creatures’ advanced technologies is more plausible than attributing the work to monsters that were half man, half demon. Human-alien hybrids, on the other hand, are actually much more plausible, in light of current scientific knowledge. Despite its four hour long tirade against the ancient alien theory, this video does little to refute it.

The importance of this video is not its arguments in favor of a literal interpretation of the Bible — in this regard it fails — nor in its support of the wholly unscientific concept of Creationism, which is deceptively referred to as ‘creation science’ by adherents even though there is nothing scientific about it. Rather, this video’s importance lies in its discussion of the New Age movement and the renewed interest in the occult that poses such a threat to mankind. The New Age movement — the so-called human potential movement, or secular humanism — is really Luciferianism, the false doctrine that man can be as God. This is the lie that the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden. The point of the story of the Fall is: know your place.

For there IS a God. Some take it on faith; others of us know for a fact. And He will only put up with this nonsense for so long. We are today in the great turning away spoken of in the Bible.

One does not have to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible to understand that there is an eternal war between the forces of good and the forces of evil, with mankind at the center of this epic struggle. Without the baggage of the mind-numbing belief in a literal interpretation of scriptures, it is easier to believe that there is a mediator between God and man whose message can save us (spiritually, if not necessarily physically). We must not allow ourselves to become preoccupied with trying to assign literal interpretations to written works that were never intended to be taken literally.

We do not need to believe that the Bible is literally true, but we do need to recognize that we are not God … that Christianity is the one true faith … and that Jesus Christ is the only name under heaven by which man can be saved.


(1) Simple logic tells us that if the Genesis story in the Bible were literally true, there would have been no women for the sons of Adam and Eve to take as wives … unless the first couple also bore daughters not mentioned in the Bible, and the first couple’s sons and daughters procreated incestuously (we won’t even consider the possibility of the human race being founded by Eve procreating with her own sons.) Such an incestuous beginning of the human race seems to be the generally accepted theory among those who believe in a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.

Another possibility is that the sons of Adam and Eve procreated with female apes — man’s closest relatives, genetically. This melds Darwinian evolution, intelligent design, and creationism into one overarching theory, a theory which could be thought of as ‘Holy Evolution.’ Admittedly, this idea is not very appealing … but neither are the alternatives offered by the creationists. It is hard to say which is more revolting, incest or bestiality. But either scenario could explain the sorry state of the human race today.

(2) Or, instead, we could pray for guidance and read the Bible intelligently, looking for the meaning in the Scriptures.

The video is not well organized, and it is neither logical nor cohesive. A LOT of repeated graphics and images are added, as filler, making it difficult to watch from beginning to end at one sitting. Nevertheless, it is worth the time it takes to sit through it because it calls attention to what could be the great deception of mankind, as prophesied in the Bible. Of one thing there can no doubt: that ignorance and confusion are rampant in the world today.

One central truth that is holding back the development of the human spirit is this: the more convinced a person is that their beliefs are correct, the more likely those beliefs are to be wrong.

The material used in the video is fairly well referenced, and is deserving of examination.

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