Bishop Barron on the Limits to Tolerance (Video)

Bishop Barron on The Limits of Tolerance

Comments by Charles Sulka

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Bishop Barron on The Limits of Tolerance (7:01)

Bishop Robert Barron

Published on Jun 6, 2013

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This is a thoughtful examination of the question of ‘tolerance’ and it’s place in Christian doctrine. In this short video Fr. Barron explains the difference between tolerance and Christian love.

A very important takeaway is the point that while someone might be a good person deserving of Christian love and acceptance, that does not necessarily imply that their desires and actions are moral or good — either for them or for society.

Of particular importance in this video is the examination of a sermon by Katherine Gephart Shorry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of America at the time (2013.) This woman, the titular head of one of the largest Protestant denominations, completely distorts the Christian message when, in her sermon, she rebukes St. Paul for freeing a young woman from demonic possession … framing the issue in a New Age light, excoriating Paul for undermining this woman’s ‘spiritual gift.’

This woman (Shorry) clearly has no place in the pulpit of a Christian church. This lack of understanding — a lack of discernment in spiritual matters — is the reason women are not to teach or have authority in the Church. Men and women have been assigned different roles by God (and Mother Nature, you could say.) Serving as pastor, leading the congregation, and administering the sacraments is not appropriate for women. Women are, by nature, unsuited to the duties of leading the congregation. The reason is simple: women are not suited to warfare, especially spiritual warfare. And women are not suited to positions of leadership. (1)

Women’s nature is kind, loving, nurturing, forgiving — tolerant, in other words. They have to be this way; without the feminine side, the human race would not survive. Women and men have complimentary natures, by design.

From a psychological standpoint, women are not equipped with discernment — the ability to recognize truth from lies. If this weren’t the case, women would see through the lies and motives of men.

Men lie to women frequently; with some men, lying is more or less continual. If women had discernment, they would be able to tell when men were lying to them. If women knew how often men were lying to them, they would turn away in disgust. Women would shun men. Romance — fleeting as it is — would fade, and the human race would soon cease to exist as the birth rate dropped to zero.

Why, you might ask, do men lie to women?

The answer is simple: because it works. What men are looking for in women is ‘action’ — sex. Men learn early on that if they are completely truthful with women, they are not likely to get much action. They soon come to realize that the truth of the mundane existence of their lives and the shallow depths of their intellect will not impress a woman.

According to Dr. Jordan Peterson, a leading expert on the differences between men’s and women’s psychological make-up, women are instinctively attracted to what psychologists refer to as ‘bad boys’ — from pirates of the Caribbean to pirates of the boardroom. Women take note of alpha males.

There can only be so many alpha males, of course. But it is safe to say that every man feels himself to be an alpha male when graced with the approving gaze of a female of the species.

To get anywhere in the mating game, a man needs to impress a woman. In short, men need to become what they are not — interesting … dashing, daring, accomplished, witty, clever, full of life. A man will do and say anything to impress a woman, all in the hope of getting a little action. (We all remember the humorous story of Tom Sawyer balancing on the picket fence in order to impress Becky Thatcher. The appeal of Mark Twain’s story-telling is his ability to translate his observations about human nature in his characters’ words and actions.) If a man tells a woman the truth, her eyes will glaze over, and pretty soon she is scanning the room, looking for the exit.

It is that simple. In the mating game, lies work better than the truth. So men lie, and women believe the men’s lies. Or at least they pretend. A raconteur — a good story-teller with imagination and style — can be just as interesting as a real pirate … and a lot safer. Women aren’t stupid; while they may be attracted to pirates, they recognize that pirates don’t make good husbands. And in the back of their minds, women are always thinking about how she and her offspring will be cared for by the man in her life.

It is a game — the mating game. It is a situation where neither party wants to admit what is really going on. Not all of it, anyway.

The first thing a man thinks of when he meets a woman is, “I wonder what I can say that will impress her?” The idea of simply telling the truth never enters his mind; that’s a losing proposition if ever there was one. To sum it up, if women were less impressionable — in other words, had discernment — the human race would founder.

What does this have to do with the Biblical prohibition against women in the pulpit? Simple: If women can be so easily deceived by men, think how readily they can be tricked by Satan, the Father of Lies. The proof is all around us. Take a look around, and it is obvious that nothing good has come of women’s intrusion into religion. The New Age Movement, the occult, witchcraft, spiritualism and the paranormal, sexual disorientation, widespread perversions, and a rejection of traditional family and community values … this is what has come of women’s desire for power, especially in the spiritual realm.

This is not the only reason women are not to teach or have authority in the Church, of course. From a purely practical standpoint, women cannot divide their time between caring for their children (and their adult male children, their husbands) and also ministering to the congregation. A woman’s primary responsibility is to her children, to her family.


(1) I have always maintained that if there are no men to lead, women must lead. Maybe we are at the point where real women must take the lead and put an end to the nonsense that is sweeping the globe, threatening the very existence of the human race?

In a related vein, in my writings I have referred to surveys which found that basically (a) no one wants a woman boss, and (b) no one likes a bossy woman. By nature, women are not suited to leadership roles.

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